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Consultation services in the East

Community consultation has never been more important. We live in an era where the views of individuals and the local community really matter. Groundwork finds out what's important to different groups within local communities.

Effective public engagement can make the difference between a successful, sustainable project and a project that fails. We take the strain out of community consultation, liasing with opinion-formers, decision-makers, community groups and, of course, statutory consultees.

We use a range of techniques and approaches to gather and analyse information, from questionnaires and consultation events to participatory learning and action techniques. Our innovative approaches, such as youth inclusion sports events, intergenerational activities and community fairs, help attract the target audience to consultations.

What sets Groundwork's consultation service apart is our local knowledge, contacts and understanding of what works in different neighbourhoods. We capture people's interest and engage hard-to-reach groups on a range of initiatives from small-scale landscape improvements to whole neighbourhood regeneration projects.

We can work with you to find out how to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, foster closer communities, connect with young people and more.