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We like hearing from our partners, funders, beneficiaries and any one else who has been involved with or come across our work. Please feel free to share your thoughts by getting in touch.

Obviously we hope that you have had a positive experience with us. If, however, you would like to bring to our attention something that could be improved or you aren't happy with a project we have run, we do have a complaints policy.

Groundwork East has a responsibility on behalf of its staff, volunteers and partners to seek to ensure the highest possible standards of service to all those with whom Groundwork interacts in line with our purpose and core values.

This complaints policy provides a framework for individuals and organisations to make a complaint about Groundwork East's standards of service.  It is our policy to ensure that all complaints are dealt with efficiently and in accordance with our complaints procedures.

If a complaint is made to Groundwork East our policy is to ensure that the complaint is satisfactorily dealt with by the Trust within 14 working days.  Complainants not satisfied with the response can register their dissatisfaction with the Chairman of the Trust’s Board of Directors. This must be done within 28 working days of the date of our response.

Key points

Details of the complaint will be noted fully by the Executive Director or Operations Director.  If neither is available at the appropriate time the caller’s details will be noted and the appropriate Director will call within 48 hours.

The Executive Director and/or the Operations Director will meet the officer(s) involved in the relevant project, event or incident as well as any other organisations involved and will formally record these discussions.

If the complaint is of a serious nature likely to affect the reputation of the Trust – H&S, child protection, large scale project issues – the Executive Director or Operations Director will inform the Chairman, Board of Directors (and insurers where appropriate) about the complaint immediately.

The response to the complainant will be written and forwarded as soon as possible but within 14 working days.  Responses to complaints of a serious nature will be copied to the Chairman and a summary note provided to the Board of Directors.