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Family learning courses

As part of Groundwork's family learning offering, we deliver two courses. Courses introduce families to the idea of using the outdoors as a learning environment and include a range of hands-on practical activities as well as signposting to a range of useful resources for learning outdoors.

Wellies in the Woods – Finding the time to play outdoors with children can be challenging in the busy lives of parents. This course teaches parents how to confidently play with their young children outdoors for little or no cost. Parents and children will be supported to manage risk when playing in local green spaces such as parks and woodlands.

Grow It, Cook It, Share it - Home growing is an experience that some families lack, especially those who live in flats or other homes that do not have gardens. This course will allow participants to understand the production of fruit and vegetables, and provide information about the benefits of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles as well as environmental issues such as composting and wildlife in gardens.

Delivered by a member of Groundwork's Environmental Education team, the courses normally run as a 6-10 week programme and the weekly sessions can accommodate up to 10 families (20 participants). 

Parents and children can enjoy a range of activities during Wellies in the Woods, including:

  • wildlife walks
  • scavenger hunts
  • den building
  • building fires
  • story-telling
  • natural art
  • tree climbing
  • making stick men.

As part of Grow It, Cook It, Share It, topics typically covered are:

  • growing fruits and vegetables from seeds and plants
  • harvesting produce
  • healthy eating including cooking sessions and recipe ideas
  • safe tools use
  • building a scarecrow
  • composting
  • pest control and gardening for wildlife.

If you would like more information about our family learning courses, please contact:

Charlotte Ball or Carolyn Mallott (01707 260129) for enquiries in Hertfordshire

Emma Reynolds (07736 132495) for enquiries in Luton & Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Anna Martin (01473 350371) for enquiries in Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk

> Also, we have a responsive website with outdoor activities for parents and their children -