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Green Dragon Standard 2016

Posted on 03 August 2016

New Green Dragon Standard 2016 Launched

You may be aware that the Green Dragon Environmental Standard has recently been undergoing a revision process.  Groundwork is now pleased to launch the Green Dragon Environmental Standard 2016.  The new Green Dragon Standard is a free document which can be found on the Green Dragon EMS website ( and has been circulated to all currently certified organisations.  From the launch date there will be a 12-month period, during which companies can choose to be certified against either the previous (2006) or new 2016 Green Dragon Standard.  All organisations audited after 01st July 2017 will be assessed against the 2016 Standard.

The Green Dragon Environmental Standard 2016 ensures:

  • That it retains a format which is easy to understand and implement and builds upon the successful structure of the 2006 Standard.
  • That Green Dragon remains a standalone Environmental Management System which is respected and recognised by Government Bodies, regulators, agencies and the private sector.
  • Groundwork Wales ongoing commitment to maintaining UKAS Accreditation, with the most recent successful UKAS accreditation visit taking place in June 2015.
  • That Green Dragon remains a stepped approach to achieving ISO 14001:2015, incorporating appropriate changes to ensure those organisations that have achieved Level 5 certification will be in a position to undertake ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Some of the new Green Dragon Environmental Standard 2016 elements include:

  • Carbon emissions monitoring has been developed further at Levels 3 and 5 linking to Scope 1,2 and 3 described within the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and the ISO 14064-I Specification, with Guidance at the Organisation Level for Quantification and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals. Data capture will be audited at the respective Levels and reported publically within the Environmental Statement or Report.
  • The Environmental Statement/Report must state that it has been externally verified as part of the Green Dragon audit process. The name and contact details of the registered auditor, auditing organisation and the auditor’s signature and date of Environmental Report validation.
  • Development of the principal of environmental performance indicators.
  • Increased importance to integration of the wider principles of sustainability within the Standard.

Jake Griffiths, Green Dragon Technical Manager, said, “The Green Dragon Environmental Standard 2016 is the 3rd version of the standard, which was originally written in 2000. When initially developed, Green Dragon was a world leader in providing a stepped approach to Environmental Management System implementation and inspection, carbon monitoring and requirements for public environmental performance. The Green Dragon Environmental Standard 2016 builds upon the original standard to ensure that organisations implementing Green Dragon remain at the forefront of environmental management, environmental best practice, and continual environmental improvement.”

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