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Men in Sheds Appeal

Men in Sheds is a free fully-equipped wood workshop primarily for older men in LeedsThe Groundwork Leeds Shed isn't just a workshop, it's a space for men to socialise in a positive way and provides them with an opportunity to discuss any concerns they have with peers and helps to tackle social isolation
The Shed is open to all but we try to target men over 50 who are most likely to have experienced a life changing event such as bereavement, redundancy, retirement or relationship breakdown and therefore may lack confidence in meeting new men and learning new skills. 

Men in Sheds makes a huge impact to the men that attend and the Shed has become a vibrant and welcoming place for men to carry out positive activities at their own pace. It has become as much about socialising as it is about woodwork. The shed is a space where men feel comfortable to discuss their everyday problems or to be gratefully distracted from them. AgeUK has identified that Men over 60 are the most difficult client group to engage in activities, are most likely to be isolated and are the least represented group accessing Age UK services. 

One of the barriers to men accessing help and support is the expectation that they should be able to cope and deal with life changing events and that seeking help and assistance is viewed as being weak or being unable to cope. The Groundwork Leeds Shed has provided a space for men from all walks of life to come together, with many of the men having become friends and contacting each other outside of Shed hours. It keeps men’s minds occupied with practical activities; being retired or unemployed can lead to lots of free time with not much money or activities to do, this in turn can lead to negative health effects.

We are asking for donations to help with the sustainability of Groundwork’s Men in Sheds. With your support the project, that benefits so many individuals could expand to help so many more. 

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