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Benefits to your organisation

Taking part in a Groundwork volunteering day is a fantastic opportunity to get your team out of their normal working environment and experience something new together.

Corporate volunteering will:

  • Build and strengthen relationships within teams
  • Increase team morale, communication and leadership skills
  • Explore employees' individual skills in different settings
  • Allow employees to work outside of their everyday responsibilities
  • Channel their skills collectively to work towards a common goal
  • Raise the profile of your organisation
  • Meet your CSR objectives and goals

Team volunteering and other forms of corporate support and involvement are vital to support the projects that Groundwork delivers in West Yorkshire’s most disadvantaged communities. No matter how small or large the project is you can be certain that your involvement will add real value: researchers at Sheffield Hallam University have found that every £1 spent on a project activity by Groundwork generates £3 of physical and human benefits, representing ‘high’ value for money.

If you would like any further information about how team volunteering and wider partnership working can be of benefit to your organisation please contact:

Adrian Curtis, Executive Director

0113 238 0601 /