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Food growing and gardening

Food growing and gardening activities are great for schools providing a wealth of learning opportunities, health benefits, and very tangible (and edible) end products.
We can help you set up and run a gardening group from scratch or inject new life into your growing areas by running sessions on food origin and the natural environment. We will run a group for you or can support a keen member of staff through the process step-by-step, with advice and practical help on everything from establishing new vegetable patches to planting low maintenance fruiting hedges.

Produce can be shared with the school kitchen, used in cooking lessons or sold by pupils to fund their club and learn enterprise skills.

We encourage the involvement of parents/guardians and extended family in activities as it brings an extra dimension to the work, extending it out into the wider school community.

Great growing at Brownhill Primary School, Leeds
A successful Lottery bid helped us work with Brownhill Primary School to develop our best growing area yet.

For many of the children from this inner city area this was their first experience of growing fruit and vegetables, and the joy and pride in their achievements was plain to see. Working alongside a keen member of staff the gardening group grew in independence throughout the year taking responsibility for watering and weeding and discussing growing plans for the coming season.  

The growing area was built with wheelchair access in mind and included a polytunnel to extend the growing season. We hope it will provide the school community with fresh, healthy food for years to come.