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Pick and mix sessions

Our menu of one-off activities can compliment a variety of curriculum areas, covering topics from climate change to composting, and minibeasts to mini-makeovers.
We can deliver assemblies or bring adventure to the school day through our range of one-off activities or short term programmes. We specialise in making the most of your school grounds and the resources available on the doorstep.



Interdependence and adaptation

Go on a mini beast hunt to explore the different habitats in your school's grounds. Find out why animals have adapted to live the way they do.


Explore the local neighbourhood and develop your children into community champions


Work as a team to complete a geocache treasure hunt through your school grounds learning how to use ICT as you go.

Climate change


Help understand the biggest challenge faced by humanity through a mixture of games and thinking exercises and make your school a positive force for change.


Find out where our rubbish goes and why we shouldn’t be throwing it all away using activities as varied as making recycled crafts and studying the content of the school’s bins


Learn how to turn kitchen scraps into 'black gold' to feed your growing area.

Pond dipping

Find out what lurks beneath the surface of your pond through a mixture of storytelling and hands on action.


Explore the ground below are feet to understand how soil is formed and the how it shapes the world we live in.

Trip to a local green space

Discover the potential for learning in your local green spaces. We can guide you through a number of easily-replicable activities, and leave you with the knowledge and skills to visit again and again.

Why not invite an expert into your school to discover the nature hiding in your school grounds?

Contact Will Gore on:0113 238