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Green Doctors

Groundwork's Green Doctors are helping thousands of households save money, stay warm and improve energy and water efficiency in the home.

Our team of Green Doctors have been operating in boroughs across London for over 12 years, providing a vital service to households at risk of Fuel Poverty in the capital. Government statistics published in 2017 show fuel poverty now affects 10.1% of all London's households and with energy prices set to continue to rise our Green Doctor services have never been so important.

What we offer

Providing high quality advice and supporting householders to take positive action. Our unique room-by-room approach guides residents around their property identifying areas where they can make positive change and integrates behaviour change into visits. Our Green Doctors have years of experience of working across London and are expert in giving 1-1 advice and tailoring it to resident needs.

  • Surveying the property will identify areas of thermal heat loss such as non-filled cavity walls and uninsulated lofts. Damp/mould issues will be identified and advice given to residents on reducing moisture content.
  • Improve energy efficiency of properties by installing small measures and referring for larger measures ensuring a long term sustainable solutions to eradicate fuel poverty and its negative health implications.
  • Improve resident understanding of energy bills by 1-1 advice and handholding residents through a tariff switching service enabling them to access cheaper fuel.
  • Further support residents to access help from energy companies by applying for debt assistance, Priority Register and WHD.
  • Provide a gateway for other related services by connecting residents to home safety, health/wellbeing services, both local and nationally.
  • Integrated 1-1 behaviour advice to embed long-term change and further improve health.

Our Green Doctor model is successfully delivered in partnership with many London Boroughs and Housing Associations. We create bespoke programmes to tackle fuel poverty and the associated poor health in vulnerable residents, often as part of their Health and Wellbeing programmes

To enquire about a free home visit, call the team on 020 7922 1230 or email

Project LEAP

LEAP is a free Green Doctor service for residents of Tower Hamlets, Enfield, Poplar HARCA, Swan Housing, and Homes for Haringey. 

Find out more about LEAP

Clare is one of millions in the UK who are struggling to keep their homes warm this winter. Groundwork's Green Doctors have helped Clare take control and manage her energy bills, this is her story.