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Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering with Groundwork London is a great way to inspire your employees and make a visible impact in local communities. Our fully serviced practical volunteering programmes are tailored to your company needs, offering a bespoke service where all of your targets and values are met. Whether you’re looking for a one-off challenge day, or a longer programme of several days across your company, we’re confident we can offer you a partnership that’s aligned to your needs, where your employees will: learn new skills, strengthen team relations, and gain a great sense of achievement. All whilst giving back to local communities and projects.

Who do we help?

By volunteering with us, you can be sure to have a lasting impact on the lives of London’s diverse communities. We work with some of the most deprived communities in London, ranging from working with residents on social housing estates, refugees and migrant groups, elderly people at risk of social isolation, schools in deprived areas, and often individuals who have no access to outdoor space.

Where do we work?

We work in partnership and have close ties with community groups and organisations across London who need help regenerating and enhancing their outdoor spaces, from: sheltered housing accommodation, residential estates, community farms and schools to publicly accessible parks, open spaces, woodlands and nature reserves.

What skills will you learn?

On the day, our corporate groups usually split into several task teams to work on a range of activities. No previous skills, knowledge or experience is required as our expert teams and facilitators will help you to develop skills over the day. Depending on the project, you could learn and develop skills such as: habitat management, wildlife and biodiversity knowledge, horticulture, landscaping, food and plant growing, carpentry, painting, and building.

What volunteering opportunities are on offer?

Greening the Community

Support communities across the city to improve, increase and access  green spaces, helping to improve individual’s physical and mental health and supporting London’s natural environment.
Greening the Community activities can include: school ground makeovers, repairing and installing communal food growing projects on housing estates, creating and installing wildlife and biodiversity habitats, clearing and replanting neglected areas or carpentry, building and painting.  

Best for groups of up to 20.


Repurposing and Upcycling

Work with us to reduce waste going to landfill by repurposing and upcycling furniture. Our community reuse hubs known as 'The Loops' collect, refurbish and redistribute household items which would have otherwise gone to waste. Furniture is sold at a low cost back to individuals and families in the local area. Activities at The Loops can include: upholstering, painting and varnishing, sanding and fixing, creating innovative storage and display solutions, and making improvememts to the hubs themselves.    

Best for groups of up to 15-20.

Healthier Parks

Help to maintain and safeguard London’s parks and open spaces to create and enhance beautiful green spaces for all to enjoy. Healthier Parks activities can include: wildflower meadow management, nature trail construction, seasonal clearance, pond and lake maintenance, tree, hedge and bulb planting and constructing wildlife and biodiversity habitats.

Best for teams of 20-40.

Benefits of volunteering with Groundwork London

We believe businesses can and should gain just as much as charities from corporate/charity partnerships. Our flexible approach allows corporate partners the choice to support those activities that are most aligned to their own priorities and passions. Forming a partnership with Groundwork London brings the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Enable your business to found long-term relations with communities, and create a positive community legacy
  • Build staff morale and strengthen team relations, contributing to the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Enhance productivity and help you to recruit and retain high quality employees
  • Meet company CSR targets, enhancing your sustainability credentials to build and strengthen your reputation and brand awareness

As a charity, Groundwork London charges corporate partners to cover the cost of corporate volunteering events; this cost is determined by the type of project and the number of volunteers involved. 

Read about some of our Corporate Volunteering Projects

To discuss practical volunteering opportunities with us, please contact Jack Narbed on: 020 8510 5418 or

Wider partnership

At Groundwork London there is always the possibility for wider partnership opportunities, including repeat practical employee engagement activities, bespoke skills-based volunteering, and broader programme sponsorship. Wider partnership options may include:

  • Groundwork as your Charity Partner of the Year – develop a bespoke, mutually beneficial strategic relationship with us, which can include a 12 month programme of employee volunteering, fundraising and / or programme sponsorship
  • Programme or campaign sponsorship opportunities and cause related marketing – become a headline sponsor of one of our pan-London programmes with bespoke co-branding
  • Employee fundraising – we can facilitate team challenge events, office-based activities and payroll giving


To discuss a corporate partnership opportunity or idea with us, please contact Alex Forrester:
020 7922 1230 or

For more information on corporate volunteering with Groundwork London, please see our brochure:

Corporate Volunteering Brochure 

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