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Share your vision for Hampstead Heath

Creating a Community Vision for Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is one of London's most important green spaces, cherished and valued by Londoners and visitors alike. The City of London is responsible for protecting and sustaining the Heath. As part of developing the new 2018 management plan, the City wanted to include a longer term perspective. So they asked us at Groundwork London to work with them, Heath locals and visitors alike to develop a 50-year community vision for Hampstead Heath.

We talked with key organisations, community groups, locals and visitors to create the community vision. At workshops and pop-up stalls on the Heath, and through an online survey, we asked: What is it about the Heath that you most value, and how can we ensure the Heath continues to provide that in the long term, as the communities around the Heath and the city of London itself grow and evolve?

We heard from 1,600 people locally, across London and beyond, all keen to contribute their aspirations for Hampstead Heath. Thank you to everyone who generously gave their time to participate in the consultation. It's been a journey, but we are proud to be able to share the proposed Community Vision for Hampstead Heath with you.

Download the proposed Community Vision

We are also excited to share our findings from the community engagement activities!

Download the consultation findings report

If you're interested to read the raw data, you can also read the appendices to the consultation findings report below. Please note the data reflects comments submitted by members of the community. They do not reflect the views of Groundwork London or the City of London.

Download the consultation findings report appendices

The Hampstead Heath Community Vision Report, including the proposed Community Vision, will be submitted for final committee approval in November 2017.

Download the Hampstead Heath Community Vision Report tabled for review

In the meantime, work continues on developing the 2018 management plan for Hampstead Heath. You can stay informed via the Hampstead Heath website for updates on the Heath Vision, the 2018 Plan and ways that you can get involved at Hampstead Heath.

To find out more about the Hampstead Heath consultation, visit the website or email