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Our Space Award

The Our Space Award is a grant scheme that aims to help Londoners green their city through active community engagement and participation. It will support Londoners of all ages and backgrounds, communities and schools in improving community open spaces, making them inclusive places for all to enjoy.

Who do we help?

We help community groups of three or more people who meet regularly. Your group does not have to be formally arranged or constituted, but it does need to put energy and enthusiasm into your project, and your group needs to be based in London. We support improvement projects across all types of open space – in parks, on housing estates, in town centres, in woodlands and in school grounds.

What support is available?

We offer three tiers of grants going from £500 all the way up to £5,000:

  • Small grants of £500 up to £1,000;
  • Standard grants of £1,000 up to £3,000; and 
  • Flagship grants of £3,000 to £5,000.

When should my project take place?

We expect to inform applicants of the second round that they have been successful at the beginning of October, with project activities to be completed by 14th January when monitoring information will be due.

How to apply

Applications are now open for round two of the Our Space Award, for projects taking place between 1st October 2018 to 14th January 2019. Applications will close at 5pm on Monday 17th September. Read the application guidance here.

Click here to download application form

Current projects in progress

In the first round of the Our Space Award, we have supported 28 London projects with c.£62,000 to improve community spaces. A few examples are below:

Our Secret Oasis - The grantees plan to reclaim a green space on a housing estate that has been forgotten, unloved and become inaccessible to residents and the wider community for several years. They will create a ‘secret’ garden that enables the community to come together in a new social sanctuary. The garden will feature an outdoor learning area where families can learn about growing, garden maintenance and other outdoor activities.

Agnes Riley Gardens Paddling Pool - The grantees plan to repair a paddling pool located within Agnes Riley Gardens that has fallen into disrepair over the last two years. Upon repair, volunteers will paint the pool and work alongside the council with on-going maintenance. The grantees are excited about the prospect of attracting local families to the park, where locals of all age groups can make use of all the parks amenities.

Willesden Library Ecology Garden - The grantees will develop a highly congested area of London by improving Willesden Library with the addition of a green wall and a Library Ecology Garden. The grantees will place effective road blocks to ensure the road along Willesden High Street will be fully pedestrianised and enjoyed by all. They hope to create a green wildlife corridor and improve the area for the benefit of the local community.


If you have any questions about applying or about the grant scheme, we’re here to help. Please get in touch with Hannah Standen: | 020 7239 1390