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Centenary Gardens

Creating better places

We believe that green space is vital to the health and wellbeing of the local community, environment and economy. By taking into account the social impact of our work we ensure that engagement with the local community and other stakeholders is a key part to the regeneration process.  We seek to deliver environmental improvements that create or improve open, or green, spaces to enhance people’s quality of life. “It’s most rewarding to see how this scheme has improved our area, which makes it so much more pleasant. We feel proud of where we live" 

Resident, Trinity Streetscape

We know that a well-designed and well maintained space gives communities a sense of pride in their local area; makes people feel safer; encourages a healthier lifestyle; and can reduce crime. We believe that community activity can have a significant positive impact on people’s physical and mental health and build cohesive, strong communities. Groundwork MSSTT’s award winning team of landscape architects are experts in the regeneration process and deliver a service that is second to none for quality and innovation. Integrating our design work with Groundwork community engagement specialists, we can deliver a package of design, consultation, client management and contract administration services that is bespoke to the client and the community.  We will always try to put the community at the heart of our designs; encourage the use of recycled and reclaimed products; choose local suppliers; and encourage and educate the community on how to manage their own spaces to ensure it is sustainable.

We pride ourselves in the ability to develop community gardens and spaces, play areas, school grounds, parks and boundary treatments and work with key partners such as Red Rose Forest to provide innovative green infrastructure solutions, including street trees; green roofs; sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) and temporary urban food growing facilities.

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