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Corporate Volunteering at Trafford Ecology Park

Posted on 14 February 2014

Trafford Ecology Park is owned and managed by Groundwork MSSTT. It is a site of special biological importance, providing a wildlife oasis within one of Europe’s oldest and largest industrial parks. It is primarily a venue for the delivery of educational provision to disadvantaged young people.

Groundwork receives no dedicated funding for the maintenance and upkeep of the park. The efforts of our corporate volunteers are of increasing importance in ensuring the park’s unique habitats are protected and enhanced.

Planning a volunteering day with us Groundwork’s volunteer facilitators work closely with our corporate partners to plan individual volunteering events. We strive to ensure that each event meets the specific objectives outlined by the company, and delivers a programme of activity which is appropriate to the size and skills of the group and the desired length of the event.

We will:

Help you plan and organise the event from start to finish

Enthuse and motivate your volunteers

Undertake full risk assessment and manage health & safety

Evaluate the day with participants

Support you on publicity and PR

Cargill's experience at Trafford Ecology Park
Cargill, based in Trafford Park, worked with us to plan a volunteering week for their staff. 34 volunteers attended over 4 days contributing over 250 volunteer hours. We planned a range of tasks to suit all skills and interests.

Over the 4 days the volunteers:

  • Reinstated paths
  • Fixed hand rails
  • Built 2 compost bays
  • Removed bulrushes from the pond
  • Cleared vegetable beds
  • 2 Bug hotels to encourage biodiversity and provide new habitats.

Cargill’s work at the Ecology Park is part of a wider partnership with the company who have also donated £12,000 to the Trafford Eco Streets community grants programme.

Mines Advisory Group (MAG)'s experience

MAG, a charity working in 40 countries worldwide to reduce the impact of armed violence and conflict, brought 41 staff to the Ecology Park to volunteer for one 3 hour session. To work within the skills of the group and the time constraints we organised a number of simple short tasks.

The volunteers completed the following tasks:

  • Weeding
  • Application of green manure
  • Planting up flower beds
  • Path clearance
  • Maintenance of polytunnels

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