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Work with us: Health Sector

The local environment is a key factor in improving health, with growing evidence on the importance of access to green spaces to our wellbeing. Groundwork creates better places – new and improved assets for neighbourhood wellbeing. We also develop behavioural change projects that encourage people to walk, cycle and exercise, to grow their own food and adopt a healthier diet.

Loneliness and lack of social interaction has a large but often overlooked impact on our health and sense of wellbeing. We address this through activities that bring people together, bridging gaps between individuals of different ages and backgrounds to create stronger and more resilient communities. The North West Regional Wellbeing Survey (2010) found that programmes that strengthen communities and increase “social capital” are at least as affective in increasing life expectancy as smoking cessation or weight management programmes.

Our work contributes to a number of the priorities laid out in the influential Marmot Review, Fair Society, Healthy Lives, particularly:

  • Enable all children young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives
  • Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities
  • Strengthen the role and impact of ill health prevention

Services include:

Asset-based community development

We use an ‘asset-based community development’ approach to supporting and empowering people to improve their neighbourhoods.

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Landscape design for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Designing healthcare environments to benefit patient wellbeing.

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Youth mentoring and coaching

We help young people to achieve their potential at school, in their communities and at work.

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