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Work with us: Local Authorities & Public Sector

Residents congregate in community garden

Our strong partnerships with local authorities and other parts of the public sector are at the heart of our way of working and are key to our success.

Supporting residents into employment, ensuring people can afford to heat their homes and improving the quality of neighbourhood open spaces are objectives we share with local authorities across Greater Manchester and Lancashire. 

Our multidisciplinary, holistic approach makes Groundwork a unique partner, always bringing added value to the services we deliver. For example, incorporating our employment initiatives into a local authority grounds maintenance contract helps ensure training and employment for local unemployed people in the area. When we deliver a project we routinely bring in additional corporate support and funding, and are often able to suggest alternative sources of income to increase the impact of an initiative.

We are experts in resident consultation and engagement whether in preparation for a programme of major works or as part of a behaviour change campaign. 

All our services are priced competitively and any surplus we make is generated back into the work we do with local communities. 

Services include:

Employment Services

We have a long track record in helping people who have been disadvantaged in life get a step up towards stable employment.

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Landscape Design and Build

An award winning landscape design practice with a social and environmental mission.

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Green Space Management

We can provide a green space management service for all sorts of environments

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Asset-based community development

We use an ‘asset-based community development’ approach to supporting and empowering people to improve their neighbourhoods.

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Youth mentoring and coaching

We help young people to achieve their potential at school, in their communities and at work.

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