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Youth mentoring and coaching

We help young people to achieve their potential at school, in their communities and at work.

We've seen the huge positive impact that young people can have on where they live. To ensure this potential doesn't go untapped, we work with local young people to give them an opportunity to be heard on issues that impact them and their community, as well as the tools to make a difference. Our projects aim to bridge generation gaps, create stronger communities, reduce reports of anti-social behaviour and take practical action on local and global environmental issues.

We employ qualified youth workers and through our projects we provide support to help boost self-esteem, motivation and employability. Our youth work is delivered in partnership with local authorities, social landlords and other voluntary sector organisations.

Services include:


Mindsteps: A Workshop Model is an early intervention, school-based series of workshops aimed at young people (13-18 years) with low-level mental health issues.

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Talent Match

Talent Coaches for young people who need extra support to help them along their pathway to work.

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Our Bright Future

Groundwork is working across the UK to deliver our part of 'Our Bright Future', a youth-led environmental programme that is designed to inspire the next generation of environment leaders.

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ReSPECTful Relationships

ReSPECTful Relationships is an educational tool for schools and youth groups who want to deliver workshops about domestic abuse.

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Achievement Coaches

Tailored 1-1 support to help young people to reach their full potential

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