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Environment, Sustainability and Quality Policies

Environment and Sustainability Policy

Groundwork is a charitable Trust which acts to bring physical, social, environmental improvements and prosperity to the local area. The Trust works with schools, businesses and residential communities to achieve these improvements. Groundwork’s vision is to help build sustainable communities which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which value the local and global environment and where individuals and businesses prosper.

The Trust adopts a proactive approach to protect and enhance the local and global environment and continuously improve the management of sustainability issues. We are committed to improve environmental performance and compliance with applicable obligations, including environmental legislation and requirements to which the organisation subscribes such as the Groundwork Federation’s standards for sustainable performance. This policy applies to all persons working for or on behalf of Groundwork Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Tameside & Trafford including its Community Interest Company and all of its activities, both internally and externally.

To achieve this we shall:

  • Ensure a high level of awareness of sustainability issues exists amongst all persons working for or on behalf of the Trust, including the awareness of the Trust’s Environment and Sustainability Policy
  • Take steps toward improving the sustainability of our activities and set objectives and actions for improved environmental performance
  • Endeavour to protect the environment and prevent pollution from our activities
  • Consider sustainability issues when purchasing products and services and when subcontracting activities
  • Minimise the amount of waste disposed and apply the waste hierarchy
  • Promote, educate and enlighten third parties who we come into contact with, such as schools, communities and business with the importance of the environment and sustainability
  • Communicate the sustainability performance of the organisation to all interested parties and ensure that all relevant needs and expectations of interested parties are known
  • Review the Environment and Sustainability Policy and associated objectives at least annually
  • Maintain certification of our environmental management system to ISO 14001
  • Ensure the Environment and Sustainability Policy is available and provide a copy to all interested parties on request

Michael Ormerod                            
Executive Director
Date: 9th November 2018

If you would like information on obtaining your own certification, please see our business pages

Quality Policy

To support our vision of “a society of sustainable communities which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which respect the local and global environment and where individuals prosper” Groundwork MSSTT is committed to deliver services, projects and programmes that meet our customers’ specified contractual requirements.

Groundwork MSSTT recognises that to provide and maintain a consistently high quality in the work it undertakes an effective Quality Management System (QMS) is necessary so as to ensure that proper communications, work control and documented information are generated for all work undertaken. We are totally committed to setting and achieving quality objectives and to meeting the specified requirements, to continual improvement and to the reasonable expectations of our customers.

It is the policy, therefore, of Groundwork MSSTT to control and conduct its business of project managing and delivering quality services by means of a formalised system of quality management. This quality management shall be in accordance with the quality system requirements as specified in BS EN ISO 9001.

The QEMS outlines the Groundwork MSSTT’s Quality Management System, which has been established and adopted as the means for achieving our objectives.

All Groundwork MSSTT employees are charged with promoting these aims and are required to familiarise themselves with the contents of this Quality Management System and to observe and implement the procedures defined in the performance of their work.

Our Operations and Business Development Director is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the correct and effective implementation of Groundwork MSSTT’s Quality Management System.

Michael Ormerod                            
Executive Director
Date: 9th November 2018