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River Stewardship - The River Aire

Groundwork and TCV have been commissioned by Aire Action Leeds to develop a brand new pilot project called River Stewardship in Leeds.

The River Stewardship project will work to improve the Leeds waterways. The project will see us working together in order to raise awareness of the benefits of the waterways, as well as us getting our hands dirty doing lots of physical improvements.

How to get involved

If you are a member of the public or part of an organised group or organisation then we'd like to hear from you as there are many ways for you to become involved in the future. Help us to raise awareness of beautiful Leeds waterways especially the river Aire and encourage everyone to protect and preserve the area. 
Share your facts and top tips on river safety and river stewardship with us on Twitter @GroundworkNEWY
Keep up to date on events on activities on Twitter too. 

There will be ample opportunities for corporate volunteering activities, training for young people, management of Invasive Non Native Species and fun waterside activities and events! 

This new project will establish links between any existing projects, as well as developing a plan for future River Stewardship activities in Leeds.  Waterways benefiting from the project will include the river, canal and becks of Leeds.