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Fitzwilliam Resource Centre

Public sector

Our aim is simple: to improve the places where people live and to improve the lives of those in our society who have least. With almost 30 years’ experience of working alongside the public sector, we do this effectively by being actively involved in many local and strategic partnerships.

Much of our work is delivered in partnership with public bodies and agencies, delivering value-adding projects that make a real difference at a local level. We also deliver bespoke health and business focused projects for partners ranging from local healthcare providers to the Environment Agency. Our work is being increasingly recognised by public health leads as being effective at tackling health inequalities and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Some of our key initiatives are:

Community consultation

Community consultation is at the core of what we do. We have almost 30 years’ experience of connecting the ideas and aspirations of communities and local business with the changing landscape of public services.

Landscape design

With community consultation built in from the start, our experienced chartered landscape architects ensure that local authority developments meet the needs of the community and improve their lives. The team are highly experienced at working with a wide range of different partners and ensuring that projects run to budget and time.

Groundwork Pride Ltd

Our contracts team operates across the district implementing a range of environmental improvement schemes. The team employs local people and provides training opportunities to upskill the workforce. Profits raised go back into Groundwork to support other community projects.

Leveraging funding for capital programmes

A defining feature of our partnership approach is that by using funding from our partners we can magnify its value by leveraging funding from our contacts across a diverse range of sectors. This allows us to create innovative solutions while adding maximum value and delivering greater impact in the communities that need it most.

We’d love to hear from you if you'd like us to help you add real value to your local communities:

Adrian Curtis, Executive Director

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