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Reservoir Urban Rangers Campaign to Rout Rubbish

Posted on 03 April 2019

The Ardsley Reservoir Urban Rangers of Blackgates School had an engaging treat on Tuesday as they met with a Wipesaur. Groundwork have been working with two schools in Tingley to bring wider awareness of the issues raised by residents neighbouring Ardsley Reservoir, which include littering and dog fouling.

The young people of Blackgates school have already undertaken a litter audit of the site to discover what types of litter is predominantly discarded there and are currently working on how best to tackle this.

On Tuesday they met with Yorkshire Water to find out the problems associated with ‘flushable’ wipes. These wipes contain micro-plastics and despite manufacturers claims they are not bio-degradable. The Wipesaur was on hand to greet the young people and help Yorkshire Water in demonstrating the inability of these wipes to dissolve in water, compared to traditional toilet tissue. This is a costly problem, one such issue is that sewage can get blocked by these wipes causing expensive replacement.


The Urban Rangers, together with their friends from school, were encouraged to help spread the word on the problems associated with the wipes, and they got off to a good start as some parents of the young people were there too, along with Councillor Lisa Mulherin.

When asked about the work of The Urban Rangers Councillor Mulherin was enthusiastic, “We have had many young people come to us, in particular during the last year to remind us of the dangers of plastics to the environment, we have since changed our practices and have replaced the use of many single use plastic items the Council use, and we will continue to do more, it’s great to see their commitment”.

The Urban Rangers will be continuing learning about water, how it’s stored, how to spare usage, and the other environmental issues with plastics. They will then work to develop social media campaigns to help raise further awareness. This campaign will be one to watch out for and we wish them every success.

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