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Green Doctor success stories

Mrs Williamson

Mrs Williamson noticed the jacket on her hot water tank was badly disintegrating and contacted her local elderly action group to find out if anyone was able to help. Her group referred her to the Green Doctor team, who visited Mrs Williamson and fitted a new jacket to prevent heat escaping from the tank.

The team also fitted reflective radiator panels to reduce the amount of heat escaping through external walls, and provided advice on getting the most from her energy supplier.

Mrs Williamson says:

“The service was very useful; I’m over the moon with the tank jacket. I live alone and don’t have any family so it’s lovely to know if I have a problem there’s someone I can ring for help.”


Mr Newby

Mr Newby contacted the Green Doctors after his neighbour recommended the service to him. Without access to the internet, Mr Newby admitted he didn’t know a lot about energy saving in the home, or where to look to find out. The Green Doctors offered advice about fuel switching, using appliances effectively, having a water meter installed, and also draught proofed two very draughty doors.

On reflection, Mr Newby said:

“I found out about the service when my neighbour told me about it. I was over the moon with my visit, we used to get draughts through the front door and the door to the cellar but they’re gone thanks to the draught proofing. It saves me putting towels down in front of the doors! I was getting my gas and electric from separate suppliers and switched to dual fuel the same day the Green Doctors came.”

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