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Local Authorities

Our aim is simple: to improve the places where people live and to improve the lives of those in our society who have least.

Doing this effectively means working closely and strategically with local authorities, making a long-term commitment to places and connecting the ideas and aspirations of communities with the changing landscape of public services.

Improving life chances and protecting the most vulnerable are core to the way we work. We deliver local projects and services to help people acquire the skills, confidence and networks to improve their own prospects and to find work, including creating new jobs through temporary employment programmes and the incubation of social enterprises. We also help people cope with the impacts of rising bills, working strategically with councils to tackle fuel poverty and optmise household income.

Through our experienced network of community workers we help people organise to have a greater say in how their neighbourhoods are designed and run. This can range from working with a group of residents to improve and maintain their local park or play area through to supporting young people to develop and run their own youth centres.