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The Jam Team Youth Programme

The Jam Team are a team of highly skilled youth workers who deliver a high quality youth provision to children and young people across Northamptonshire, which is underpinned by the 5 pillars of youth work; Empowerment, Education, Participation, Inclusion and Expression.

The Jam Team work with a diverse range of children and young people to offer a wide array of support and opportunities in their personal, social and educational development. Every aspect of our youth programme is young people led, with local young people being the key influencers in all decision making processes.

Our main projects take place in areas that are of high deprivation and low income, and can be separated into 3 key projects – Jam Indoors, Jam Detached, Jam Projects.

Jam Detached Work

This is delivered in areas high in anti-social behaviour and youth related crime. We aim to improve communities by educating young people around the impact their actions will have, not only on their futures, but on the residents, businesses and their families. The Jam Team are experienced Youth Workers and understand that the root cause of anti-social behaviour and youth related crime is often caused by challenges and issues they are facing in their personal lives. We offer a variety of methods to help support young people, and encourage positive behaviour and life choices.

Jam Indoors

This is a collection of youth clubs for young people aged 11-17. The youth clubs are based in areas that were listed as high deprivation and low income households. The youth clubs deliver issue based sessions around youth related topics such as bullying, alcohol awareness and cyber safety, as well as allowing a safe space for young people to socialise and develop soft skills such as team work and communication. Jam Indoors encourages young people to become active members of their communities by working with residents to identify areas of improvement, attending local decision making meetings, and getting to know their local councillors, MP and other influential members of their community. Jam Indoors measures the impact that the project is having on the young people and the community through regular evaluation, surveys and data from local authorities.

Jam Projects

These are time-scaled, issue-based projects which have set aims and objectives and are designed to work with smaller groups around specific topics. The projects are monitored and evaluated to ensure they are always being delivered at a high quality and current level.

To find out more about our projects, or to talk to us about developing a bespoke project for your needs, please contact 

You can follow the Jam team's activities on Facebook and Twitter by searching @Jamteam1

Jam Dens

Our Jam Dens are youth clubs across Corby and Kettering offering a wide range of positive activities for young people aged 11-19. Through Jam Dens, young people are able to access support and participate in informal education sessions. 

Our aim is to support young people in reaching their goals and aspirations whilst being positive members of their local community. 

Jam Dens offer young people a safe haven and the space to grow to their full potential. 

For more information, please contact