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KHL Big Local

Groundwork Northamptonshire are the Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO) for KHL Big Local.

KHL Big Local is a Big Lottery funded community programme for Kingswood and Hazel Leys estates in Corby. The programme brings support and investment to the residents to make the community an even better place to live. 

Project Vision Statement:

A place where everyone feels included, valued and contributes to their ambition and visions of the local community. 

Working together with a strong community spirit and a sense of pride in ourselves and our surroundings.

Developing a healthy, well and thriving place where people live side by side with mutual respect, appreciating the value that everyone can bring to their community. 

Community priorities:

  • Children & Young People
  • Older & Vulnerable People
  • Diverse Communities
  • Environment

Kingswood and Hazel Leys (KHL) Big Local area is an urban area of Corby that embraces two individual estates.

As an elected partnership our goal is to create a legacy. The vision we have is focused on inclusion and participation for everyone in the KHL Big Local area. Fourteen partnership members are currently on the partnership and as a group we have come a long way, learned many new skills and put some of our existing skills to use. Our aim is to support and enable the community of Kingswood and Hazel Leys in whatever way we can and make long-term change for groups and individuals.

We have worked closely with many other agencies and individuals on this journey. We will continue to share the Big Local message far and wide and we will continue to work with partners for the benefit of our area.

Take a look at KHL Big Local Field Day Festivals starting from the first ever festival in 2016...

Field Day Festival 2017: