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Green Team

Groundwork’s Green Teams create better and greener places while at the same time offering team members the chance to learn new skills, gain qualifications and improve their employment prospects.

We offer structured programmes that enable young people to carry out real, valuable environmental improvements in neighbourhoods, while learning new skills, gaining qualifications and enhancing employment prospects.

Though our Green Teams we can currently offer the following services:-
•Grounds Maintenance
•Hard and Soft Landscaping
•Conservation and Wildlife Tasks
•Fencing and Decking
•Winter Support Services
•Community Green Space Projects
•Tree Planting and Woodland Management
•Schools and Play Area Improvements
•Apprenticeship and Training Opportunities

Green Team members are often young, unemployed and lacking experience and qualifications. We give them the tools to do the job – and their local neighbourhoods and customers see the benefits on the ground. From grass cutting to woodland management, play equipment inspections to snow clearance, the teams respond directly to issues identified by local people in a swift and professional manner.

It’s a practical expression of our pledges to help 10,000 people into employment, education or training and improve 1,000 green spaces across the UK benefitting 1 million people by 2015. We are already achieving great things with the Green Team initiative, but we want to do more. New partnerships with the private, public and voluntary sectors will support us to help Green Teams across the country to grow and flourish.

Local authorities, housing associations private landlords and any organisation that owns and needs to maintain land could benefit. "An apprenticeship is the best of both worlds as I am working towards qualifications and also getting valuable hands-on experience".

There are many ways in which you can become involved with our Green Team, it may be through:
• Sponsoring a Green Team
• Offering work experience and jobs
• Contracting a Green Team
• Donating materials
• Leding equipment
• Mentoring
• Volunteering

To find out more about the Green Team and how you can help please contact Geoff Dawson