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Our vision

Our Purpose is:

  • “Changing Places, Changing Lives, Changing Minds”.

Our Values - What we stand for:

Wherever we work and whatever we do our brand will be associated with a consistent set of priorities and values:
  • Local delivery: our role as a local regeneration and delivery organisation remains paramount and we maximise investment in the delivery of local projects and services – our work starts and ends with communities.
  • Social justice: we deliver change in disadvantaged communities by: improving open spaces; providing a pathway out of poverty and encouraging active citizenship; doing our part in enabling the transformation of a society coming out of conflict.
  • Environmental sustainability: we deliver social and economic regeneration in a way that promotes environmentally responsible behaviour among individuals, communities and organisations.   (GroundworkNI Environmental Policy)
  • Partnership: we will continue to work in collaboration, recognising the strengths of other organisations, contributing to and promoting the ethos of partnership working at a local, regional, national and trans-national level to enable the most effective and efficient delivery of policy and practice.
  • Equality: we respect different opinions and take into account the diverse needs of the individual, communities and organisations that we work with.
  • Quality & professionalism: we are committed to building upon our quality processes and frameworks with the purpose of delivering the best programmes and services possible and maintaining our professional standards.
  • Innovation & learning: we are an organisation that learns from itself and others and that successfully translate the lessons from what works into practical policy and delivery recommendations.
  • Passion: we are committed to improving lives and places and will encourage creativity, innovation and dynamism in all that we do.