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Northern Ireland Board

Paul Priestly
Leonard Sproule
Alan Moneypenny

Thomas McKenna
Dr Jane Holmes (Chair)
Jane Holmes
Head of Minister’s Office, Department of Justice

Jane Holmes has specific responsibility for the development of the Northern Ireland Civil Service policy to address the issue of transition of staff from the NIO to the Dept of Justice.

Her role includes negotiations with trade unions and the effective management of complex relationships between key stakeholders.  

Harry Smith
Harry Smith
Community Relations Officer, North Belfast Community Development & Transition Group

Harry Smith is a Community Relations Officer based in north Belfast and has extensive experience in community engagement, assisting the development of  effective & appropriate community relations / conflict transformation projects and programmes for delivery on a cross community basis.
Ronan Corrigan
Nicola Murray
Nicola Murray
Finance Manager, Consumer Council NI

Nicola is a qualified Chartered Accountant with five years experience as an internal and external auditor. 

She also has broad experience of preparing financial statements in line with government and regulatory guidance and making recommendations for improvement.    

She is also an expert on the provision of advise and staff training in procurement and tendering processes.

Elma Newberry (Advisor)

Conor Canning