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Our Impact

Groundwork is the community charity with a green heart. We want spaces to look better, outdoor areas to be green and beautiful and people to improve their health and well-being. We want people of all ages to be able to do things together and to make the best of where they live.

Groundwork North Wales was first established in 1991 and first began working to deliver environmental improvements in the county of Wrexham.  25 years later, the organisation has grown considerably and now covers all of North Wales with offices in Wrexham and Bangor. 
Groundwork North Wales aims to: 

  • To improve job prospects by offering training and skills
  • To show people how they can make their homes and businesses more efficient.
  • Young people to learn to look after their environment.

Every year we change lives for the better in local communities and between 2015-16 we made this incredible impact on the ground across North Wales:

  • Improved 8,665m2 of land
  • 592 new qualifications were gained
  • Supported 12 businesses 
  • We have planted 97 trees
  • Adults have actively volunteered for 8,772 days 
  • Young people have volunteered with us for 20,970 days
  • 312 physical activity sessions
  • Created 110 jobs and safeguarded 31 more 
  • We have supported 136 community groups 
  • We have supported 114 schools
  • 370 tonnes of waste were diverted from landfill 
  • 1529 energy efficiency measures installed
  • We have delivered and progressed 82 projects in total 

If you have benefitted from a Groundwork Project, we would love your feedback, please fill in our evaluation form HERE