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Public Sector

Local authorities are key partners for Groundwork. We have a shared understanding of the local area, which gives us a head start in creating initiatives which will really work.

We can develop bespoke projects that deliver for local people and for your targets.  Our projects range from relatively straightforward contract work, to entrepreneurial, experimental, risk taking projects that are innovative, creative and solve problems.

Adding value and helping local authorities and other partners to meet Local Area Agreement (LAA) targets is one of the main drivers of our activity as well as making a real impact on the ground.

Some of our key initiatives are:

Community Pride

Groundwork’s Contracts team operates across the district implementing a range of environmental improvement schemes. The team employs local people and provides training opportunities to upskill the workforce. Community Pride operates as an enterprise.

Future Jobs Fund

With the support of the government's Future Jobs Fund, Groundwork has created new jobs that will improve the skills, confidence and employability of jobseekers while improving the quality of life.

Steps to Employment

We also support the Steps to Employment Programme, where unemployed individuals aged 19+ are helped onto training and employment programmes.

Please contact us for further information on both the Future Jobs Fund and Steps to Employment programme.