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Quality Marks

We must all focus on delivering our goal of inspiring people, Inspiring Places'.  As a Trust we are commited to Quality.  Our vision around quality is:

"To be an excellent, professional quality, delivery organsation in Greater Nottingham - to stand out as a role model"

To support the above vision we have the following standards in place:-

ISO9001: Quality Managment Standard

This standard focuses on: the quality of overall management; management resonsibility; standardised documentation such as Quality Objectives, Quality Policy, Quality Manual and regular management reviews.  It includes how we manage: human resources - staff training and development; financial management; project management; and how we ensure continual improvement.  A major focus is also customer service and customer 'delight'.

IS0 14001: Environmental Management Standard

This standard focuses on ensuring all Environmental aspects of their impacts are managed well.  We adhere to Environmental Regulations and Legislation and communicate this standard to all our stakeholders.

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

This standard focuses on ensuring that there is an effective Health and Safety Management System which meets all legislative and regulatory requirements and includes risk assessments and regular management reviews.

IIP: Investors in People

This standard focuses on ensuring effective practices around: induction; managing performance; training and development; and evaluation.  It supports effective management.  A key focus is on staff understanding how their role contributes to the overall aims of the Trust and how their contribution is valued and recognised.  The standard was gained in November 2003 and has ben successfully reassessed in 2006, 2009 and 2013.

IIV: Investors in Volunteers

This standard focuses on our commitment to volunteering and ensuring that our practices and policies around volunteer management are effective.