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Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is defined as any activity that involves spending unpaid time doing something for the benefit of the environment, community & individuals. It includes formal and informal activities undertaken by Groundwork Greater Nottingham as well as informal community participation. Volunteering must be a choice, freely made by an individual.

There are many reasons for volunteering:

  • It could be a route into employment
  • It could be to try something new which may lead to a career change
  • People may want to give something back to the community e.g. in the form of time / expertise
  • It could be to occupy themselves during their spare time
  • To be a part of the wider community

At Groundwork Greater Nottingham we value volunteering support in any shape or form. We recognise that volunteers’ support is directly linked to our aims and objectives. Volunteering with Groundwork could give you many benefits. These may include:

Personal Benefits

✓ Supporting a community through a reputed quality Nottingham organisation
✓ Being part of team of experienced and committed professionals
✓ Gaining new skills, knowledge and experience or developing existing skills and knowledge
✓ Enhancing your CV and improving employment prospects
✓ Increasing communication skills, team work and confidence levels
✓ Meeting new people and making new friends
✓ A chance to socialise with others - getting to know the local community and different cultures
✓ Feeling valued as part of the team and a wider community

Other Benefits

Volunteering with us could also help you fulfil:

✓ A desire to make a difference to the lives of others
✓ A desire to give something back to the community
✓ A desire to give time to support others
✓ A desire to improve the environment & support conservation
✓ A desire to have quality time away from work and a busy lifestyle
✓ A desire to help others – e.g. those without a voice

What can you expect from Groundwork?

  • An induction; role clarification; familiarisation with the organisation / policies / procedures; getting to know staff / volunteers
  • Regular mentoring, guidance and supervision support
  • Adequate on the job training & support
  • Be valued and treated equally & fairly
  • A friendly working environment
  • Adequate insurance coverage
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Free CRB check, if required
  • References for future employment or placements

What Next?

Consider why you wish to volunteer – the reasons and passion that you have?
Consider how much time you could spare?
Consider what role may be most appropriate for you?
Consider if you are able to meet a volunteering commitment?


Then please contact us on: 0115 9788212
or via email at: