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8. Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability

8. Environmental sustainability

Among the main benefits of community projects are improvements to the environment, landscape, biodiversity and habitat provision. For a project to be successful these improvements need to be sustainable. This section discusses the following subjects which are pertinent to achieving environmental sustainability:

Sustainable materials: Many projects will involve some construction, for example paths, fences, community buildings and car parks. The construction materials used and ongoing operation of new facilities can affect the environmental performance of the site as a whole. Using environmentally sound technologies and materials can enhance the site’s contribution to environmental sustainability.

Sustaining the landscape: In the context of environmental sustainability, the landscape that emerges from a project should be capable of maintaining aesthetic and ecological integrity without the need for a high level of ongoing intervention. This is largely contingent upon project design, in particular the use of plants.

8.1 Sustainable Materials

The use of sustainable materials can enhance a project and future proof it.

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8.2 Sustaining the landscape

Leaving a sustainable environmental legacy must be one of the prorities.

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