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We really didn't have any major problems at all, just a few minor issues, mainly the contractor and project manager not talking the same language. We intervened ourselves and always managed to sort things out. Common sense was all that was needed.” 

Now you have your group set up and have clearly defined your aims and goals, it's time to implement your plans and get the project underway.

There are many things to consider when starting your project - how much things will cost, where materials will come from, what agencies you will need to contact - and although this may be daunting at first, this section will give detailed guidance on what you need to do and how to do it.

4. Management

During the lifetime of a project there will be a number of management issues and responsibilities that will need to be addressed. These issues fall into two main categories. The first of these is management of the project process – ensuring things happen at the right time. The other element is the management of people involved in the project, from contractors to local people and other project partners.

To successfully implement a community-led project there are certain steps that need to take place in a certain order. This is project management.

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5. Legal

Most projects will be subject to some form of legislation. This can range from health and safety requirements to planning constraints and all must be considered in the implementation of a project.

The management and/or ownership of a site brings with it a number of responsibilities and duties that need to be addressed, including the consequences of managing public amenity, and issues of running a trust, charity or company to manage and look after the site. There will also be insurance and liability considerations associated with allowing the wider public into a site.

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6. Financial

A major barrier to many community-based projects is often seen as money, or lack of it. This part of the toolkit looks at raising and managing finance in order to fund a project successfully. This process starts right at the beginning of every project – however big or small – and the issue continues after the main project work has been completed.

Costing, fundraising, cash flow, insurance as well as finance management systems will be covered in this section.

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