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Making it last

Create a living project that will benefit the community into the future

Plan for the future too – you need to keep local people interested.” 

Your Project is up and running and you made it happen! So what do you do next?

It is crucial for all projects to have sustainability as an integral part of the planning process. The project will have no long term value if its good work in the community is allowed to diminish through a lack of planning and foresight.

We have divided this section into three main categories which should give you all the information you need to not only sustain but to grow the project.

7. Social sustainability

Social sustainability is the most important but also the hardest part of your project to generate and maintain. If you cannot continue to enthuse and motivate the community the project will quickly die and all the initial good intentions will be lost. In this section we will give you tips and information to ensure that the concept of community continues to be the driver of project as this space becomes an integral part of everyone's environment. Please see Social Sustainability for more details and information.

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8. Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is crucial in what are usually ecologically driven projects whose initial aims and objectives revolve around the need to improve the environment for a section of the community. The initial planning of the project should always consider how best to sustain and improve upon the environmental space that has been created. If the environment is allowed to return to its previous state it will prove a lot harder second time around to gather the necessary resources to improve it. In this section we will give you tips and information to ensure that the environment you worked so hard to create is around for future generations to use and enjoy. Please see Environmental Sustainability for more details and information.

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9. Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability is the money part; unfortunately even the best plans and intentions can fail without the necessary income streams to sustain them. This is something that must be planned for at every stage of the process but it is particularly important when thinking about how you are going to sustain and improve upon all the hard work that has gone before. The gaining and spending of money will always be an issue with community projects. With this in mind it is crucial you reach this stage of the process with a financial plan that takes the project beyond its initial funding and completion stage and ensures a sustainable long term asset for the community. 

Please remember that a project is only as good as the last members of the community who used it, make sure that you have everything in place to ensure that all your initial aims and objectives aren't allowed to die because of a lack of long term thinking and planning.

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Well done to you all - Changing places - Changing lives

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