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4. Management issues

4. Management issues

During the lifetime of a project there will be a number of management issues and responsibilities that will need to be addressed. These issues fall into two main categories. The first of these is management of the project process – ensuring things happen at the right place at the right time. The other element is the management of people involved in the project, from contractors to local people and other project partners.

To implement a project there are certain steps that need to take place in a certain order. We cover this in detail in the Project management section.

There also needs to be clarity on exactly who is responsible for what. Delays and problems often occur if people think a task was someone else's job or a person, however well-meaning, doesn't have the correct skills. The identification of suitable Roles and responsibilities for specific key people and organisations will mean that people know what is required of them and will help the operation of the project.

Community participation needs to be managed so that people can become fully involved in the decision-making process of a project. This means the mechanisms for keeping people fully engaged must be in place throughout the project.

Working with other organisations is often crucial to making your project happen but it sometimes causes management difficulties too, as some organisations may be unfamiliar with projects that have local communities fully engaged in the process. Different types of organisation may also have different working cultures, which may result in friction. We'll provide you with some guidance on how to make partnership working a positive thing for your project.

Engaging professionals is usually an important part of getting your project done. Their expertise is invaluable but it is important that you use them a the right time, that they share your goals and that you select the right people. It's possible to use up a lot of your budget on experts if you are not careful, we'll help you ensure they are an investment instead of a drain on resources.

4.1 Project management

How do you manage the project?

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4.2 Roles and responsibilities

Who will be responsible for doing which tasks? Do you have all the skills you need in your group?

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4.3 Community participation

How can we create and maintain community participation in the project?

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4.4 Working with other organisations

What are the pros and cons of engaging in a partnership?

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4.5 Engaging professionals

Does our group have all the skills it needs? Will we need outside help from fully qualified professionals?

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