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More information for specific types of projects

Although all community projects share many elements in common each has it's own set of challenges and routes to success. There will be big differences between creating a play project and creating a food growing project for example.

Different rules, legislation, design choices and sources of support will apply. So in this section we'll explore the steps and tips that are unique to creating different types of project.

(Before you view content in this section you might find it useful to read the general tips on creating a community project)

Community upcycling

Turning so-called trash into treasure

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Wellbeing walks

Inspiring communities to be more active - one step at a time

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Renewable community energy

Allowing communities to take back power (literally!)

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Developing community flood plans

Improving local resilience for when the worst happens

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Strenghtening the local food economy

There are more benefits to locally sourced food than vitamins and nutrients

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Meanwhile Gardens

Meanwhile Gardening creates temporary community gardens from unused land until it is ready to be developed

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More information on food growing projects

Get your food growing project off the ground

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Creating a garden or outdoor classroom in school grounds

Tips for creating an educational garden, play area or food growing area in your school grounds.

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More information on play projects

Essential advice for a creating a play project

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Community arts projects

What do you need to think about in delivering your art project?

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Community sports projects

What will I need to think about to deliver my sports project successfully?

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Community kitchen projects

What special considerations do community kitchens entail?

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