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Community project toolkit

Let's create better places together

“If you've got a space where you can sit and people can talk to you, then you can grow something. I mean it brings people together. I hope they treasure it as much as I do.” - Irene, Sandford Close community garden

Welcome to the first step in delivering your very own community project!

The task at hand may look a little daunting at first but, with this handy guide, you will have all you need to know to be successful.

There's a good chance you already have a load of ideas about how you'd like to improve your local area but don't yet have the information or contacts you need to make it happen. Well, look no further than Groundwork's Community Project Toolkit!

In this guide we will show you, step-by-step, how to set up your group, deliver your project and make your work last.

Getting started

The first section will tell you what you need to do before beginning any work on the ground. Forming your group, identifying stakeholders, consulting with residents and general planning are all covered in this section. Dotted throughout too, are links to other sections of the guide that will give a more in-depth look at some of the issues raised. If your group has been around for a while or you have past experience in running community projects, some of this section can be skipped. If, on the other hand, you are entirely new to managing community projects, it is worthwhile thoroughly reading everything.

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Making it happen

In this section we cover the legal, financial and project management issues that are vital in delivering your project. There are many things that must be considered and here we aim to give you all the guidance you would need. Want to know who owns the land you wish to work on or what the tendering process is? Are you curious about risks and liability and what insurance you might need? Perhaps you need assistance with budgeting or project planning? If it is to do with the practical implementation of your plans, you'll find it here.

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Making it last

So now you've finished your project, it's time to make it last. In the final section of this toolkit we will cover how you can go about ensuring the sustainability and longevity of your project. No-one wants to see their hard work go to ruin if a site is not maintained or interest in the project dies down. In this section you will discover how to keep your project going and provide a lasting legacy for your community.

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Guides to specific types of project

Although the basics of creating a project are the same whatever kind of community project you are running, there are specific things you need to take into account for more specialised schemes. Some sources of advice, bits of legislation and other factors will be different if you are creating a play area rather than a food growing project for example.

With this is mind we've also created some guides for specific types of project to support the general advice in this toolkit.

Green Spaces are better places

We are lucky to live in a country with an abudance of green spaces and here at Groundwork UK we are dedicated to promoting and and renovating these spaces - click here to find out why Green Spaces are better places.

Community Project News

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