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Community arts projects

Tip: Before you read this section you might also find the general advice about creating community projects useful.

Art projects can be a fun and exciting way to brighten up your surrounding area and encourage creativity in residents. Murals, statues and interactive installations are all viable options for your project. Of course, you aren't just limited to the visual arts, you may be looking at drama or music based projects as well. Whether this is just part of a larger project or the entire thing, knowing where to look and who to approach can be a confusing task.

You will need to find an artist or artists who can support the project either providing the artwork itself or delivering classes or workshops. The process by which you can secure a professional service is called tendering and more on this can be found here.

The other sections of this toolkit will help you plan and deliver your projects but there are project-specific aspects that will need consideration.

What kind of art?

There are as many styles of art as there are artists so have a good look at what kind art you want to involve in your project and consult the community for support. Perhaps a combination of styles and techniques would suit you best - the possibilities really are endless when it comes to creative projects!

Disciplines to consider for your project might include:

  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Digital
  • Drawing and painting
  • Sculpture
  • Performance (acting, dance, music etc.)

Where to find artists

Even if you have an artist in mind, funders may require that you still approach at least three professionals for quotes. It may be worthwhile doing this early as collaboration with the artist will likely be essential in developing your ideas, after all they are the professionals. There are many directories available online to locate artists in your area and links to these can be found at the end of the page.

Community participation

One way of adding value to your art project is to involve the local community. Of course, residents should be involved via consultation anyway, but providing facilities where they themselves can participate and engage their artistic side would be an added bonus! Art projects can unite communities across generations so think about how you can get local people involved. You may want to run courses or workshops or just invite local school children to contribute to the overall project.

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