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CLS upcycling Groundwork project toolkit

Community upcycling

What is upcycling?

Many products today are not designed to last; a throwaway culture and built-in obsolescence means that companies are continuously churning out new products. Most of us struggle to find the knowledge or the time to repair broken goods. But a quiet revolution of fixers and crafters is changing all that. Upcycling – taking something well loved, be it an item of clothing, furniture or electrical goods, and transforming it into something new and improved, has taken off in a big way over the last few years.

With vintage and retro designs so fashionable, the potential for repurposing pre-loved items is huge. New crafty groups are setting up all the time, relearning traditional skills such as sewing and darning. Fixing sessions are taking off as well, with people getting together and sharing their knowledge on how to mend broken household and electrical goods and giving a new lease of life to an old product or item of clothing.

View our guide as to how you and your community can be dedicated followers of upcycled fashion here:

Or click here to download the PDF.