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Getting started checklist

Getting started checklist

With the initial phase of your project out of the way, it's time to reflect on what you've done and make sure you haven't missed a vital step. To that end please take a look at the checklist below, if you have missed something then think carefully before you proceed as not having everything in place at the start could spell disaster for the future.

Checklistgs checklist

Have you:

  • Identified a need in your area?
  • Consulted with the community?
  • Formed an officially constituted group?
  • Held an initial meeting?
  • Identified your stakeholders?
  • Set roles for group members?
  • Identified short-comings in skills and knowledge?
  • Made an initial plan and budget?
  • Thought about potential funding options?

There may well be other things that are specific to your project that need to be addressed at this stage. Work with other members of the group and your stakeholders to make sure you have thought of everything.

If you are satisfied that you have completed every point and are ready to deliver on your plans then it's time to proceed!

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