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CLS Strengthening the local food economy how to guide

Strenghtening the local food economy

Why should you strengthen your local food economy?

Eating more locally sourced food has a multitude of benefits. A huge proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the food system; shopping locally vastly reduces these climate impacts. Buying locally sourced food reduces food miles’; meaning less fuel is used in transportation, reducing its carbon footprint.

Choosing local food helps support producers who keep their farms at a humane scale, breeders who raise their livestock with care, and farmers who respect the soil, countryside and biodiversity. Building a network of independent local food producers increases their visibility and enables people to make healthy, sustainable choices about what they eat. It supports nearby businesses and creates local employment, and it keeps money circulating within the local economy. 

View our guide as to how you can  strengthen your local food economy here: 

Or click here to download the PDF.