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Making it happen checklist

Making it happen checklist

Now you are at the end of this section, it's time to check off all the tasks that you should completed and make sure you have thought about everything that may affect your project in the future. With your group, take a look at the checklist below looking for anything you may have missed out.

Checklistmil checklist

Have you:

  • Set a project timeline and costs?
  • Secured all necessary permissions?
  • Assessed risks both to people and the project?
  • Approached other organisations and professionals?
  • Got a sound financial model in place?
  • Researched potential funders?
  • Applied and secured funding?
  • Ensured everybody in the group is aware of their ongoing roles and responsibilities?
  • Made sure you are in a position to communicate the projects progress to the group and the wider community.

Like with the last section, there may be specific tasks that apply only to your project. Get your heads together and make sure you have all your bases covered for a successful delivery.

If you are happy you have everything in place, it's time to start thinking about how your project will last into the future.

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