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CLS - Community renewable energy - Groundwork project toolkit

Renewable community energy

How do I start a renewable energy movement? 

There has been something of a revolution in the UK’s energy production in recent years. Prompted by feed-in tariffs that provided financial incentives to produce energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar, community energy schemes have taken off around the country.

Recent changes to energy policy have had a damaging impact upon the renewable energy sector, however. Cuts to the feed-in tariff and other financial incentives mean that many of the business models used for previous projects no longer stack up. Yet there are still ways to pursue community renewable projects, and the technology is changing rapidly. The price of equipment has plummeted and developments in storage and the national grid create a brand new set of options for people just getting started in community energy.

View our guide as to how you can help create a renewable energy movement in your community here:

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