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CLS wellbeing walks Groundwork project toolkit

Wellbeing walks

What is a wellbeing walk?

Wellbeing walks provide both social and physical benefits.

An established body of research tells us that our increasingly sedentary lives have profound impacts on our wellbeing. If we drive everywhere, sit down all day behind a desk or a checkout, then all evening on the sofa, we are not using our bodies enough to stay healthy. But it can be hard to change habits and society is geared towards encouraging this behaviour. Walking more must be one of the easiest ways to change this and get more active. For many journeys the time it takes to walk is comparable to the time it takes to get the bus, and it can be a lot more reliable.

Wellbeing walks are a way of enabling members of the community to get out and about while simultaneously getting to know their neighbours and their surrounding facilities. By leading groups in gentle walks around a local area, you can introduce them to services they may not know exist. Many places have not been designed in a very walkable way and people may feel unsure or uneasy about being out on the streets. By designing and testing a particular route, you can help people find different ways of getting around and help new behaviours stick.

View our guide as to how you can inspire your local community to get more active here:

Or click here to download the PDF.