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Presenting our learnings on encouraging reuse on housing estates at the Green Sky Thinking workshop

Encouraging Re-Use on Housing Estates: Green Sky Thinking Workshop

Posted on 22 May 2017

Last Friday, 19th May 2017, we shared our learnings from the Repurpose project on reuse in housing estates at this year’s Green Sky Thinking - a week long, London-wide events programme, organised by Open-City. We were really proud to have our event selected for the week’s programme, and to host the workshop at Grahame Park estate in Barnet.

At the event, we introduced Repurpose, the project we’ve collaborated with the London Community Resource Network to deliver. The project is an EU LIFE+ programme funded initiative which has set up community re-use hubs in redundant spaces on five housing estates across London for the collection, refurbishment and redistribution of furniture items.

Through the hubs, and a range of community engagement events, training, workshops, employment and volunteering opportunities that have run alongside them, local people have been equipped with the skills and resources to re-use more, reduce fly-tipping and improve their environment.

We shared key project activities and results, highlighted resources available for housing providers and residents interested in developing similar initiatives, and then gave our guests a tour of one of the hubs (The Loop @ Grahame Park) in action. If you missed out on attending, here's the presentation we gave on the day.



The Green Sky Thinking 2017 programme included over 50 events showcasing sustainable design solutions for London’s current built environment challenges. Unlike conferences or tradeshows, the events were more informal and on-site project talks, providing 'real' exemplars for the industry to learn from.

Check out Green Sky Thinking for more information or follow @opencityorg for the latest.