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About The Project

The REPURPOSE project was piloted by a partnership between Groundwork London, the London Community Reuse Network and Middlesex University, with funding from European Commission’s LIFE+ Programme and co-financed by Peabody, Genesis Housing, Southern Housing Group, Islington Council and Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

The project supported residents of five housing estates to create community reuse enterprises called 'The Loops'. Redundant spaces on the estates were transformed into reuse hubs for the collection, refurbishment and redistribution of houshold items, and to equip local people with the skills and resources to reuse more, reduce fly-tipping and improve the local environment.

The five Loop hubs are:

The creation of the five Loops was complemented by an in-depth community engagement and behaviour change programme to tackle the root causes of fly-tipping and encourage positive environmental action.

During delivery of the REPURPOSE project, we worked to share best practice and learnings via impact reports, training modules and webinars. 

Project Outcomes:

Repurpose Today

Following the success of the pilot, Groundwork London are working with partners on two of the estates to continue delivering our services: with Peabody Housing on the Pembury estate in Hackney and with Genesis Housing on the Grahame Park estate in Barnet.

For information about the Repurpose project, please contact Rebekah Phillips at Groundwork London