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Media enquiries about Skint!

Skint! is a thought-provoking graphic novel about money management, originally created by Scottish Book Trust with funding from the Scottish Government and support from Education Scotland. Following a positive evaluation of the Skint! model, Scottish Book Trust received funding from Standard Life Charitable Trust to adapt the resource for English-based Adult Learning Tutors to use with over 100,000 16-26 year olds.

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Case studies and illustrations:

Adult Basic Education, West Lothian Council

The group consisted of six female first time parents. The age range was slightly higher than the target range of Skint!, with two of the group being in their late twenties. Prior to using the resource with the group a pre-course meeting was held with the learners. At this meeting the facilitator conducted a money quiz and discussed with the learners what they wanted to get from the course. It was using the insight provided at this time that the course was developed. A six week programme centred around Skint! was developed. Each session was around two hours long, with a twenty minute break scheduled in at an appropriate point. As all of those attending the course were young mothers a crèche facility was provided for free over the duration of the course.

Those topics covered over the six week period included:

  • Be able to identify spending priorities.
  • Be able to set a budget.
  • Understand available benefits.
  • Know how to get further information, advice & guidance
  • Be able to compare different options for borrowing/buying large items.
  • Understand APR comparison.
  • Understand the risks involved in gambling.
  • Identify ways to make your money go further.
  • Understand issues relating to debt management
  • Improve awareness of different saving schemes
  • Feel more confident making decisions about money management.

The delivery of the sessions involved a very wide variety of activity including reading directly from Skint!, participating in accompanying activities from Scottish Book Trust website, discussion focus and generating different endings to the stories. Those that participated found the sessions really useful in managing their day to day finances and all have begun to save little and often for unexpected events or larger value items.

The most valuable part of the programme for this group was the discussion that the stories stimulated. All participants lived independently and could relate fully to the issues facing the characters. Many had firsthand experience of some of these situations, and used the sessions as a forum for sharing these and providing insight for the others.

All of the young parents were provided with a book to take away with them at the end of the programme, and all explained that they have since used Skint! to refer back to when faced with financial terms or circumstances they are unsure of.

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Community Learning and Development Centre, Galashiels

The group are based within a community setting and support young people with additional support needs. These include language issues, health needs and specific learning difficulties.

The group is small with an average number of 10 young people at any one time.

Skint! was used as a resource to develop skills for the young people relating to confidence building, reading aloud, group rapport and grammar. The increase in knowledge around personal finance was considered an additional benefit for the young people as they are aspiring to independent living in their future.

The group spent around three hours a week for six weeks working with Skint!.They read and discussed the stories before taking on roles to perform particular scenes back to the group. The illustrations within Skint! were particularly useful in this as the learners used the facial expressions of the characters to help judge their mood and feelings prior to their performance. The use of drama was seen by the facilitator to be an accessible way of engaging all of the learners, irrespective of need, and was easily delivered due to the written structure of Skint!.

During their time using Skint! all learners within the group progressed towards the initial objectives, as well as covering personal finance issues such as budgeting for a night out, mobile phones and even their own research project on where to go for advice on money. The learners themselves particularly enjoyed learning about value of money, mobiles and budgeting as these were topics they could relate to in their day to day life.

Skint! will be used on a regular basis within this group setting as the facilitator found it to be a simple and engaging way to develop the literacy skills of young people with additional support needs, as well as providing a foundation in personal finance.

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Drug Treatment and Testing Order Service, Edinburgh

The facilitator used the Skint! resource as a support tool for her work with adults who have committed an offence related to substance misuse. The DTTO2 works from Edinburgh City Centre and supports those with a DTT Order during the rehabilitation process.

The client in question was a 27 year old male who had been classed as a petty offender. He had low literacy levels and engaging him in discussions was proving difficult. He had a lot of money issues and in turn this had generated negative responses to the work of the rehabilitation worker.

The facilitator worked with the client using Skint! as a discussion tool to open up areas of need within his own life, the website and supporting materials proved invaluable to this process.
The client not only read the parts within the story, therefore increasing his literacy skills, but also created his own activity linked to his personal spending habits with his girlfriend to recognise the destructive behaviour they were both experiencing which developed his numeracy and financial knowledge, skills and confidence.

Skint! generated a positive response from the client enabling him to have a clear picture of his life style. He even asked for his own copy to take home to read.

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