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Information for young people

What is Skint!?

Skint! is an interactive financial education tool. It consists of two illustrated storylines that explore money management such as budgeting, credit, and debt as well as attitudes towards money, consumerism, employability, and goal setting.

Click here to read or download Skint! 

An accessible version of Skint featuring signing, audio description and subtitles is available here.

And here’s a few pages from the book you might find especially useful

Jamie’s budget

Kelli’s Guide to Debt

The Savvy Sofa Shoppers Guide to Credit

Glossary of financial terms


Click here for a list of useful links.

Click here for more detailed information about Skint!, including information about its development, the author and illustrators.

If you have read Skint! already, it’s your turn to decide what happens next

Click here to decide your ending for Kelli and Jamie. 

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