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Groundwork supports businesses large and small to make a positive impact on the local and global environment, from reducing waste and energy use to supporting the local communities in which they operate.

We can provide training sessions for staff to develop their environmental awareness and the sustainability of your business. We can also help you cut your costs by being more environmentally conscious, or work with you to develop a mutually beneficial corporate partnership.

Our Services

Green Spaces
Our dedicated team of architects can lead the regeneration of industrial estates and public spaces in close cooperation and consultation with businesses and communities.

Green Doctors
Our Green doctors can work with businesses to reduce waste and energy use, providing a bespoke consultation to help cut bills and become more environmentally conscious.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We offer an extensive portfolio of CSR opportunities to enable your entire business to give something extra back to the local community through sponsorship or ongoing involvement. For instance, we can match your needs with one our current projects to create fulfilling staff action days and volunteering opportunities that bring significant benefits to teams and individual staff members alike.

Get in touch if you'd like us to help you make a positive impact on your local environment, please send your enquires to: